Last updated: 12/30/2014

Chelsea Theater's Digital Conversion

You are aware that the emergence of digital projection is changing the landscape of the movie business. By now, most of the major multiplexes – the Timberlynes, the Southpoints and so on – have all converted to digital projection systems.

There will be no more film, as all movies are now loaded onto hard drives and loaded onto a computer/server that projects an image onto the screen.

The big theaters with 12, 14, 18 screens are generally national chains with the capital and resources to make this conversion comfortably. Smaller independent theaters can choose to find the resources or in some cases, shut down.

We have converted the Chelsea to all digital projection. Many of you have graciously commented on the superior picture and sound quality, and we agree!

We could use some help.

We are still trying to recover from the expenditure for the digital installations. Like many small arthouse theaters, we are now offering to our customers the opportunity to participate in our digital conversion. We have created a variety of exciting options of considerable value and we invite you to look them over and find out what appeals to you.

We have decided to continue the special offers below into the new year. Hope you enjoy.

You can help us by helping yourself. (See the Amazing Opportunities)


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This was a documentary produced for the class COMM 635: Documentary Production at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the Spring 2012 semester. By Garrett Herzfeld, Nikko Carlson, Kylie Shryock, and McKenna Franchik.




A newly minted, soon-to-be-classic Superstar design Chelsea T-shirt in M, L, or XL.


A  stylish Chelsea Superstar T-shirt, admssion for 2 to a movie of your choice, complimentary popcorn and drinks.


A stylish Chelsea T-shirt plus an autographed first edition of a novel by Chelsea founder/owner/provocateur.


Be our guest at special first look premieres of 10 films during the year, privately screened Fridays before first public showings Friday evening.

Concessions for a year! All the popcorn and sody pop you want for a year....... easily a $400 value!

Private movie party.... a private showing of a movie of your choice.. bring the Bluray and invite your friends, your family, your co-workers. Plus popcorn and drinks.. any weekday afternoon or weekend before 1:00pm


Monthly date night... admission for two once a month, plus popcorn and drinks... worth up to $420!!!

Movies for a year. Admission for one to any film opening at the Chelsea for a year. Value well over $500!! Limited quantities.
We name an auditorium for you and emblazon your name, tastefully, above the entry door, and attach two nameplates to your favorite seats.. reserved for you (just call ahead) when you come to use your lifetime pass for two. ALL THEATERS HAVE BEEN NAMED.

Passes expire one year from date of purchase. Not transferable.
Cash, or check at concessions.
Or checks and other contributions by mail to box 16758, Chapel Hill, NC 27516.

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